Welcome to CHSnor AS

 CHSnor AS is a supplier of assembling, surface treatment, test, service and verificationof equipment for BAE Systems AB,Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation, Øveraasen  AS, EAB Engineering AS,  Teekay Petrojarl AS, Hägglunds, TotAL-Gruppen, and others.Our localization is in Siva Moelv Næringspark in Moelv, Norway. We have production facilities that give us good capacity to perform great and small work for ourselves and for other companies. The staff mainly comes from Hägglunds Moelv. 

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing of Bilde Voyageur kabin stb
lifting equipment for on/offshore, recovery equipment and
special equipment for civillian and defense purposes, we are well skilled for the workmanship of the jobs.
Our quality management system comply with ISO9001-2008.
CHSnor AS has a spare part organization selling spare
 parts for equipment delivered by ourselves or by former
Moelven Mechanical Industry AS/Hägglunds MoelvDSC00559 (Large) AS/
Alvis Moelv AS.

We have also a service and maintenance section performing work onshore, offshore, at defense and sivilian equipment delivered by ourcelves or by former Moelven Mechanical Industry AS/Hägglunds Moelv AS/Alvis Moelv AS. 

What we can do for you: 

·         Hydraulic and hydraulic system design
       El/Electronic design in "E3" programming and "zone 2"
·         Safety and hazard analyzes
·         Documentation, spare part lists and user manuals
·         MS project as project management tool
and we have expertise in the following disciplines:
·         Mechanical mounting/installation
·         Hydraulic mounting/installation
·         Tube/pipe bending / installation
·         Electrical mounting/installation
·         Electronic mounting
·         Welding
·         Surface treatment as blast cleaning and painting (also according to NORSOK)
·         Test and verification

Contact persons:

Names                                                  Phone                          E-mail

Harald Dahl, General Manager                 +47 971 93 904                hdahl@chsnor.no
John-Erling Nygård, Logistics Manager    +47 917 79 014               nygard@chsnor.no
Per Antonsen, After Sales                          +47 900 34 427                antonsen@chsnor.no
Kent Ibsen, Service Manager                   +47 971 16 675                  ibsen@chsnor.no
Rune Wangen, Service Engineer              +47 913 54 159                 wangen@chsnor.no
Willum Ståle Olsen, Service Engineer     +47 957 98 320                olsen@chsnor.no
Rune Vamråk, Chairman                            +47 416 94 699                  rvc@chsnor.no

Org.no: 988 522 082

Office Address:
Brugsvegen 13
N - 2390 Moelv Norway
Phone: +47 452 33 400
E-mail: adm@chsnor.no

Production plant:
Siva Moelv Næringspark
Brugsvegen 13
N - 2390 Moelv Norway
General Manager:
Harald Dahl
Phone: +47 971 93 904